Magic Light

Magic Light is a transparent water-based paint for indoor use that absorbs both natural and artificial light before emitting it in complete darkness. Magic Light returns the light it has absorbed to dark rooms, making them safe and comfortable even in the event of a black-out, thereby providing an alternative light source. Walls painted with Magic Light will glow from 5 to 16 hours, depending on how much light the wall has absorbed and which product has been applied. Magic Light can be applied in residential, as well as commercial space, such as restaurants, hotels, stairways, corridors, cellars, garages, elevators, emergency exits, etc.

Magic Light comes in two forms: as an additive and as a top coat. The additive needs to be mixed paint and then applied, while the top coat can be used on an already painted wall, whether the whole surface is covered or applied with a stencil.

Magic Light Additive S90 can be added directly to Valpaint paints as well as any other paint on the market. It does not affect the color of the chosen paint. Additive S90 will glow from 12 to 16 hours, depending how much light it has absorbed.

Magic Light Finish K100 is designed to be applied on top of new and old paint on smooth or rough surfaces. It has a matte finish and it is transparent. Magic Light does not alter the  underlying light color of the wall, while dark colors may be slightly altered. The lighter the underlying color, the stronger is the glow. Finish K100 will glow from 5 to 7 hours, depending how much light it has absorbed. Email us to purchase this product!